visvim 2021秋冬最速コレクション

photography by KEISUKE FUKAMIZU styling by visvim
hair & make-up by AZUMA (M-rep by MONDO ARTIST)


The popularity of vintage is in full revival today. However, its virtue still lies in the valuewhile crossing genres, era or generation, it is definitely not about “trend”. The visvim clothes are suitable to denominate “vintage” thanks to its constant honor of more than 20 years.


The sincere expression of clothing itself that emerges as it slowly transforms over time.

シャツコート“ F O U R W I N D SC O A T 〈W / L 〉”¥ 160,600(visvim)、Tシャツ“JUMBO TEES/S 〈UNEVEN DYE 〉”¥31,900(F.I.L. TOKYO)、パンツ“CHINOPANTS HW TAPER”¥52,800(visvim)、キャップ“ EXCELSIOR IICAP I.Q.W.T.”¥31,900(visvim)、シューズ“KIEFER MID FORAGE”¥64,900(visvim)/以上ビズビム、他私物


The dry texture of this woven wool and linen shirt coat gives the camouflage print a light, airy feel. Layered over a dyed and product-damaged t-shirt, below are neatly shaped, dense chino trousers and duck vulcanized trainers on the feet. We can’t wait to see how they look over time.

SKAGWAY LO G.PATTEN:毎シーズン定番で展開されるローカットスニーカー。今シーズンも引き続き、素材から100%日本製のキャンバスアッパーを使用する。そのアッパーには、接着ではなく融着させるヴァルカナイズド製法によって高い耐久性を確保した、分厚くファットなラバーアウトソールを履かせた。ライニングにはカウレザーを。さらにコルク入りのインソールとミッドソールを採用し履き心地の良さを追求するなど、ベーシックな中にも独自性と細部に至るまでの質へのこだわりをふんだんに詰め込んだ。各¥83,600(F.I.L. TOKYO)

These low top sneakers are a staple of every season. This season visvim continues to use 100% Japanese canvas uppers which are covered with a thick vulcanized rubber outsole to ensure durability. Full-lined with cowhide leather, and they pursued the best of comfort by adopting the insole and midsole with cork. A veritable collage to the quality of originality and detail are abundant even in the base.

WALLACE DECK-FOLK:履き込んだ際にどんな表情を見せるのか楽しみな、しっとりとオイルを含んだレザー。アメリカの老舗タンナー・ホーウィン社製ベジタブルタンニングカウレザーと知れば、なおさらだろう。イタリア製のレザーウェルトを用いグッドイヤーウェルテッド製法にて装着されるソールは、ビブラム社製のラグソール。ロゴ入りのヒール部分に、らしさを見せつける。インソールはコルク入り。履き込むほどに適度に沈み込み、足裏の形に馴染んでくる。つまり、長く付き合える一足ってこと。各¥118,800(visvim)/以上ビズビム

You can’t wait to see what it will look like when you wear these new deck shoes, if you know that the moist and oiled leather is vegetable-tanned cowhide made by the long-established American tanner Horween, you’ll appreciate them all the more reason. The sole is fixed by the Goodyear manufacturing method using the leather welt made in Italy with the Vibram’s rugged sole. The insole contains cork. The more you put on, the more moderately they sink, and they become familiar with the shape of the feet. As the logo on the heel shows, this is a pair that can accompany you for a long time.

左.TANA DEERSKIN DOWN VEST 〈N.D. 〉:薄手で柔らかなスエードは、信州から近畿にかけて生息する和鹿の革。そこに、これまでオープンした直営店の場所と日付をシルクスクリーンでプリントした。ネイビーは鉱物なめしした後に本藍染めし洗い加工を、次項のベージュはフィッシュオイルなめしの後に泥染めを施す。¥434,500(F.I.L. TOKYO)
右.STRABLER LIGHT VEST:軽さと強度を併せ持ち、化繊にありがちな光沢感を抑えたナイロンにコットンを混紡。製品染めとダメージ加工、さらに奄美大島伝統の泥染加工を追加し、長年着込んだ風合いと色味を表現。¥171,600(PEERLESS)

L. Made from the leather of Japanese deer that live in the Shinshu to Kinki regions, this down vest is made of fine and soft suede. The locations and dates of the F.I.L. stores opened to date are screen printed on it. The navy blue is tanned with minerals, then dyed with indigo and washed, and the beige is tanned with fish oil, then dyed with mud.
R. Cotton is blended with nylon having both lightness and strength to remove the sheen often seen in synthetic fibers. Product dyeing, damage treatment and the traditional Amami Oshima Island mud dyeing process are added to express the texture and color that has been worn for many years

左.SS 101 JKT CMYK BLK:セカンドタイプのGジャン。縦横ともに深みのあるブラックに染め上げた約14ozのオリジナルセルビッジを採用する。¥64,900(visvim)
右.BAKER COVERALL 〈W/L 〉:ウール×リネンのヘリンボーン生地。年月が経ちウールの油分が抜け切った風合いを再現。¥102,300(F.I.L. TOKYO)

L. An original selvedge denim of about 14oz, dyed deep black both vertically and horizontally.
R. A new cover all jacket using the herringbone fabric woven from wool and linen. Reproduces the texture of wool that has lost its greasiness over the years.

左.FOUR WINDS COAT〈W/L〉:これもカモフラ柄ウール×リネン。平織りならではの軽くサラリとした生地感が魅力。コクーンシルエットが、その軽さを強調する。¥160,600(visvim)
右.SS KIYARI JKT UNWASHED ¥44,000:いわゆる半纏を、約11ozのオリジナルセルビッジデニムで製作。背肩には裏地を施した。前身頃と後ろ身頃が肩を通して繋がった、独特のパターンにも注目。(visvim)/以上ビズビム

L. This is another camouflage print in wool x linen fabric. The light, silky feel of the plain weave fabric is appealing. The cocoon-like silhouette emphasizes its lightness.
R. They chose original selvedge denim of approximately 11 oz for their new “Hanten”. The back shoulder is lined. The front and back body are connected by the shoulders, and the unique pattern is also notable.


Not pop, but charming.
In other words, adorable clothes.

シャツコート“ F O U R W I N D S C O A T 〈C / S I 〉” ¥118,800 (F.I.L. TOKYO)、シャツ“CABAN SHIRT S/S OPEN WHEELER ”¥59,400 (F.I.L. TOKYO)、Tシャツ“ SUBLIG NARROW 3-PACK S/S”¥41,800 (F.I.L. TOKYO)、パンツ“ TRAVAILLER BRACES PANTS DMGD”¥95,700 (F.I.L. T O K Y O )、ラペルピンセット“LAPEL PIN SET”¥8,800 (F.I.L. TOKYO)/以上ビズビム


Unlike the page on the right, this shirt coat has the same silhouette but in pale pink. Layered with an open collar shirt printed with a classic car designed by Hiroki Nakamura. The tone of both items is pop, but the distressed duck fabric of the braces pants gives them a tasteful look.


A desire for universality and evolution that manifests itself in the years written down.

ベスト“ T A N A D E E R S K I N D O W N V E S T 〈N . D . 〉”¥434,500(F.I.L. TOKYO)、スエット“ J U M B O S W E A T 3 / 4 CRASH ”¥52,800 (visvim)、中に着たTシャツ“ JUMBO TEE S / S O W N M A N ”¥30,800 (visvim)、パンツ“ SS CHINO P A N T S H W U N W A S H E D ”¥47,300 ( v i s v i m )、ハット“ DOME BACKET HAT 〈W/L 〉”¥23,100 (F.I.L. TOKYO)、バッグ“ MARKET BAG 〈XL 〉”¥46,200 (F.I.L. TOKYO)、シューズ“ WALLACE DECK-FOLK ”¥118,800(visvim)/以上ビズビム


What’s written down on the Japanese deer suede vest layered over the garment- dyed sweatshirt is the history of the F.I.L. stores within the world. The red denim, herringbone hat and bag, and Horween leather deck shoes also seem to show pride in their craftsmanship.

左. JUMBO TEE S/S 〈UNEVEN DYE 〉:超長綿の落ち綿を使用した天竺。製品後のムラ染めとダメージ加工により、独特な色味を見せる。¥31,900(F.I.L. TOKYO)
中. JUMBO TEE S/S:同じく超長綿の落ち綿を使用。前後に直営店のオープン年月などをプリント。¥25,300(F.I.L. TOKYO)
右. JUMBO TEE S/S CRASH:約5ozの天竺に製品染めとダメージ加工を施し、ムラ感とドライな風合いを表現。¥37,400(visvim)

L. The classic JUMBO TEE is made of extra-long staple cotton. Special dyeing and damage treatment after production give it a unique unevenness of color.
M. Also made of extra-long-staple cotton.Printed with the F.I.L. store’s opening date on the front and back.
R. JUMBO TEE made of 5oz cotton fabric is dyed and intensely damaged to give it an uneven, dry texture.

左. TUNIC P.O. INDIGO P.W. 〈N.D. 〉 : 織りムラと透けるような薄さが特徴の、インド産カディコットン生地。オリジナルのバンダナ柄を手捺染で。¥136,400(F.I.L. TOKYO)
中. CABAN SHIRT S/S OPEN WHEELER:ドライかつドレーピーな強撚レーヨン縮緬に、中村氏描き下ろしの柄をオン。¥59,400(F.I.L. TOKYO)
右. JUMBO TEE S/SOWN MAN:超長綿の落ち綿を使用した天竺に、捺染と地色糊を使って一枚ずつ手刷りするシゴキ染めで。¥30,800(visvim) 

L. visvim’s tunichas an irregular weave and translucent fineness thanks to the khadi cotton fabric from India. The original bandana design is carefully hand printed.
M. A short-sleeve shirt made of high-twist rayon fabric having a dry touch. The classic car pattern of HIROKI NAKAMURA is printed on.
R. Knitted with extra-long staple cotton, this T-shirt is hand-dyed with a ground color paste using the Katazurizome technique.

左. TRAVAILLER BRACES PANTS DMGD:縦横ともに特殊糸を使用したダック地に、製品染めとダメージ加工を。¥95,700(F.I.L. TOKYO)
中. SOCIAL SCULPTURE 03 CMYK BLK:約14ozオリジナルセルビッジ。濃いブラックにワンウォッシュが。¥44,000(visvim)
右. INGALL II L/S 〈C/SI CHAMBRAY 〉:コットン×シルクに、手枷でインディゴを染色。自然な光沢と不均一な組織感が見どころ。¥64,900(F.I.L. TOKYO)/以上ビズビム

L. The braces trousers made of cotton duck fabric with a special thread used for both warp and weft. Garment dyed and damaged finish.
M. Approx. 14oz, original selvedge. Dark black tapered denim with one wash.
R. Woven from cotton and silk yarn, this shirt is hand-dyed with indigo. The natural lustre and irregular texture are the highlights.