The next trend is a top-class plastic shopping bag!?

A leather bag from Balenciaga

This is why fashion is so fascinating
Balenciaga continuously surprises us by coming up with insane designs every season. Their brand-new concepts and values may startle people who don’t have an interest in mode fashion and haven’t seen anything like these before. But the more of a die-hard fan you become, the more you understand that this is precisely why fashion is fascinating. People who don’t get it will never understand it, but these designs strike a hard chord with people who get it. Even in the whole history of mode, it is rare to find a designer who can offer inspiring creations every season. So, this may sound a little bit of an exaggeration, but we are in a way very lucky to be alive during the same time as Demna Gvasalia.

Now, look at the bag from this season. He dared to choose a subject of the cheapest and the most common plastic bag and made a luxurious bag with the finest leather, which represents such an avant-garde and dead-serious attitude. Make sure to burn it into your memory because this is the moment where fashion reaches a level of art.

This shopping bag is undoubtedly the most luxurious one in human history
We don’t even have to mention that press personnel from all over the world gasped the moment this bag made its runway debut. Resembling a plastic shopping bag, this bag is made with silky lambskin and garnered great attention. The feel of a supermarket plastic bag seeps out from the straightforward design with the brand logos printed all over the bag. Available in black and pink.

¥142,000 (Balenciaga Japan)

BRAND : Balenciaga

photography by EIICHI OKUYAMA


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