Hurry to Gucci Shinjuku for a limited item celebrating the brand’s rebirth

Gucci’s limited renewal collection

Gold logo GUCCY items in a deep turquoise color!
Ever since Alessandro Michele became its new creative director, Gucci has provided all kinds of topical news. The biggest news in this spring is probably the relocation of Gucci Shinjuku. The location itself only moved about a few dozen meters, but with its shop design concept created by Michele himself, the shop has already become the new spot in Shinjuku. The interior is built by combining industrial modern and romantic elements, which synchronizes with the collection’s eclecticism between elegant and contemporary. This is very much the style of Michele, full of challenging spirit beyond the concept of luxury.
To celebrate the shop’s opening, the GUCCY collection with gold leaf prints embodying digital graphics came out in a deep turquoise color. As soon as the graphics inspired by SEGA fonts and Instagram tags were introduced at this year’s cruise collection, they became Michele’s favorite. This is a must-have item to express your sense of humor and status at the same time.

Luxurious accessories made into items for adults by the use of calf leather and silk

A deep turquoise color adds a trendy feel to the GUCCY items that are usually in black. Calf leather is used on wallets and a mini bag as well as a cap and an upper design of sandals. Silk fabric is used on a bowtie. Clockwise from the top: Cap ¥69,000; Bowtie ¥21,000; Sandals ¥53,000; Bi-fold wallet [W11×H9cm] ¥66,000; Long wallet [W19×H10.5×W2.5cm] ¥92,000; Mini bag [W30.5×H21×W1.5 cm] ¥130,000. All from Gucci (Gucci Japan).

A hoodie and a t-shirt that can be souvenirs are made in cotton and in a perfect size suitable for both men and women.

Tiny stars shining all over the fabric catch people’s attention. Hoodie ¥135,000; T-shirt ¥59,000. (All from Gucci Japan).

BRAND : Gucci

photography by TOYOAKI MASUDA


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