Be cool, and carry fortune on your back.

A souvenir jacket from Saint Laurent

For a rare item, it’s wiser to wear it than to look at it
Have you heard of a moon rainbow? A seven-colored rainbow is a phenomenon that occurs after rainfall during the day, but in rare cases, a subtle rainbow can show up under moonlight. For a moon rainbow to appear, a few conditions have to be perfect: it has to be when the moon is bright and is in fog, but this rare scenery is quite difficult to witness in Japan.
On the island of Maui, Hawaii, said to be the most likely place in the world for the moon rainbow to appear, this phenomenon is highly appreciated as a symbol of happiness that gives a blessing to people who are able to witness it. Incorporating this story into the design, Saint Laurent released a blouson. The back of this blouson is decorated with a night scene where a black panther hides against the background of a large super moon dressed in the faint and blurred colors of a moon rainbow. To know you’re wearing a Saint Laurent jacket excites the wearer by itself, but this gives you a charm of good luck on the back, which is pretty much the equivalent to carrying a power spot on yourself. What? You’ve never been to Hawaii!? At this point, who cares if you haven’t!

Perfectly-balanced gradation adds just enough of an impact
This blouson can be worn as a souvenir jacket where beautiful gradation drawn on the sleeves and the back shines against the black body. The body is made of rayon fabric, which follows the method of a souvenir jacket with its soft and silky texture. Do not miss the silk inner layer that gives the wearer luxurious comfort. This blouson with its compact shape with a short length and narrow width is a classic fit that Saint Laurent is famous for.

Blouson ¥350,000; Shirt ¥85,000; Pants ¥85,000. All from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. (Yves Saint Laurent).

BRAND : Saint Laurent

photography by KIYOTAKA HATANAKA
hair & make-up by HIROKI (W)


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