Not even one compromise is allowed in your gesture

Glasses from Tom Ford Eyewear

Easily wearable and removable glasses, suitable for bikers
When a man straddles a motorbike, his core values are evaluated. A motorcyclist knows that people are constantly watching you when you are riding your motorcycle: when you are driving a bike against the wind, when you are waiting at a traffic light, or when you are filling up at a gas station. The curious eyes continue to examine every detail, from the looks and customs of your motorcycle to what the biker is wearing. In the end, only bikers with a true sense of control on a motorbike will receive the look of admiration and respect.
Since there is no room for compromise in how you wear and remove your glasses, these glasses are perfect for that. The core design lies in the edges of the temples, which are more straight and not curved so much. Try wearing and removing them with a helmet on, and you will probably not realize much difference, but that is exactly the point. If the temples are sharply curved, a biker must move the glasses up and down inside his helmet to wear them. It is painful, and the movement looks ridiculous. Being a biker, you must look cool without looking like you are trying.

Being natural is actually the most difficult!?
A biker who dresses himself up too much to show off is no good. The proper way is to choose items that are of good quality and dress simply. So, the right answer to finding glasses can be found in subtle and classy Tom Ford Eyewear. The frame shape is an iconic Wellington type. These glasses help the biker to arrange a natural style and movements.

Glasses ¥48,000 from Tom Ford Eyewear (Tom Ford Eyewear). T-shirt ¥40,000; Denim pants ¥85,000; from Tom Ford (Tom Ford Japan).

Other color
The glasses are available in 3 colors; blue and brown glasses are also available in addition to black glasses worn by the model. Find the ones suitable for the colors of your bike or helmet to create an overall unified look.


photography by JUNJI HIROSE (model), TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
hair & make-up by YUTAKA KODASHIRO (mod’s hair)
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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