There are no blind spots for this bearded man

A capsule collection from Y-3

An extraordinary star with an unparalleled fashion sense
This capsule collection is seriously insane. First, a visual photo with this bearded man itself conveys the craziness to the people who don’t know why it is insane. To tell you the truth, this man is James Harden, an NBA star who is a front-runner among this year’s MVP candidates. His influence resonates largely not only on the court but also off the court. His personal clothing style appeals to followers all over the world, and his signature shoes are flying off the shelves. Today we are here to tell you that the capsule collection inspired by Harden the insane bearded man will be released from Y-3.
The collection, where Harden is expressed from the perspective of Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, is decorated by a motif of peonies, called “the king of flowers”, representing courage, prestige, honor, respect, etc. Harden has been acknowledged by the top brand of the fashion world and ascended to the throne of superstars. Nothing can stop him anymore.

Minimal elegance fitting the king of flowers
This capsule collection was released in celebration of 747 Warehouse Street, a festival of basketball culture hosted by Adidas in February. It will go on sale in Japan from Friday, the 13th of this month and will undoubtedly causes competitions to buy these items. JH BOOST, the black sneakers worn in the photo, were only available at 747 Warehouse Street, but the white version will be available in Japan.

Shirt ¥40,000; Pants ¥50,000; Socks ¥4,000; Sneakers ¥55,000 (reference prices). All from Y-3 (Adidas Fashion Group Showroom).

A black sweatshirt adds grace to the street
A peony motif is printed on the front of this oversized sweatshirt. The same motif is printed on the logo patch designed specifically for this collection. The king of flowers against the pitch-black canvas adds royal elegance to the street. ¥40,000

One-point motif that shows off overwhelming presence
A peony motif based on new products from this season’s Y-3 is featured boldly on both JH BASHO, the high-top sneakers on the left, and JH TANGUTSU on the right. Make sure to get these models if you want to differentiate yourself from others. Left: ¥50,000. Right ¥40,000.


photography by TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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