A rude boy style with a bit of British punk

A two-tone collection from Dr. Martens

A monotone virgin landscape made by an originator

Boots from Dr. Martens, starting with 8-Eye boots, have undoubtedly become must-have items for all fashion styles from street to mode. This fact is proof that Dr. Martens has been loved by a wide range of customers for a long period of time over different eras. That said, this brand which is closely linked to subculture scenes still inherits a punk mindset from its roots and applies that to various details. This time, we would like to introduce the two-tone collection, a proper line in the Dr. Martens genealogy.
As you can see, motifs of playing cards such as crowns and hearts are expressed in a gothic-like illustration and printed all over the shoes. This is such an exquisite work from Dr. Martens, a brand closely linked with subculture scenes. Dr. Martens began in underground scenes and have become supported in the mainstream now, but their attitude to pursue originality has not changed at all.

Best to choose a simple look so the graphics stand out more
A rough dungaree shirt is matched with crash denim to make this look. Oddly enough, this plain and ordinary style turns into a complete rock ‘n’ roll style just by adding these impactful 8-Eye boots. Conversely, this level of simple look is perfect to bring out the illustration in its best way. These boots have a presence similar to that of a movie protagonist, so working your whole look from the bottom up is the best way.

Boots ¥28,000 from Dr. Martens (Dr. Martens Airwair Japan). Shirt ¥38,000; Ksubi, Pants ¥29,800 from Ron Herman Denim (Ron Herman). Sunglasses ¥46,000 from Cutler and Gross (blinc Gaienmae).

This small backpack is printed with the same graphics as the boots.
Carrying it while wearing the boots doubles the impact! Of course, using it alone shows off great presence too.

[W30.5×H53×D15cm] ¥50,000 from Dr. Martens (Dr. Martens Airwair Japan).

BRAND : Dr. Martens

photography by MASAFUMI TANIDA (model/CaNN), TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
hair & make-up by MAKOTO (juice)


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