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A made-to-order t-shirt from “Amplifier” on the Black Sense Market

A rock ‘n’ roll legend that tore through the 90s
A year after X Japan disbanded, hide passed away in May 1998 at the early age of 33. As history tells us, a shocking death of a genius musical star in his prime turns his presence in his living days into a legend. I, the author of this article, wasn’t particularly a fan of his, but without choice, I couldn’t keep my attention off his performance and presence. That was because hide was an original being, not a copy of someone else.
The 90s has become a keyword around the world these days. This leads to the reasons behind the fact that hide’s intense individuality that tore through the 90s returned to fit the current time. If the young generation now took a look at the style that hide had created, I am sure they would be surprised, saying, “there was a far-out rock ‘n’ roll star like this 20 years ago!?” This time, to pay homage as a part of his 20th memorial celebration of his life, we chose two photos from hide’s previously-released picture books to make t-shirts to be limitedly sold on the Black Sense Market! The Japanese rock ‘n’ roll icon will live forever on the wearer’s chest.

Exuding madness and sexiness; hence he is the rock ‘n’ roll icon
In this intense portrait, hide shows off his cool presence in a black suit and leather gloves, contrasted by sexy girls in bikinis standing next to him in a summery poolside. But for some reason, this doesn’t look strange at all. I believe it’s his trademark pink hair and his genderless presence that make it appear normal. I wonder when the next rock ‘n’ roll icon succeeding hide will appear in Japan.

T-shirt ¥6,296 from Amplifier (The Black Sense Market). Sunglasses ¥42,000 from Christian Roth (Christian Roth).

Another shirt has this famous portrait. He wears a leopard patterned ten-gallon hat and sunglasses and is smoking a cigarette. This is just too cool! T-shirt ¥6,296 from Amplifier (The Black Sense Market).





photography by SHIRO KATAGIRI (TROLLEY/model), TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
hair & make-up by HIROKI (W)


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