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Alexander Wang

Sneakers for “Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang”

These sneakers will definitely sell out instantly
The popular sneaker trend of the past few years was rare items or collaboration products coming out one after another. We have introduced each pair as they appeared, but honestly, my wallet has been becoming lighter and lighter! Haha. I believe there are SENSE readers who are in a similar situation. That being said, I cannot deny the fact that good sneakers are just simply amazing, so it is impossible for me to hold back the urge to introduce them. Some readers may say, “I’ve had enough of those!”, but take a look at these shoes, and I am sure you find yourself saying “I’m never full for sneakers!”
The product that will fill your stomach is new sneakers from the well-known “Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang”. This is the 3rd season for this famous collaboration brand, and their products have sold out as soon as they go on sale every season. These sneakers are the first edition out of the 3 releases they have planned. The item appears voluminous, made in a mixture of basketball shoes and soccer shoes. It really shows that Mr. Alexander Wang understands trends well. Remember, they will sell out if you don’t move quickly. It is best to think about the rest after purchasing them. Haha. You’ll regret it even more if you miss the chance to buy them!

The unisex sneakers are great for matching with your lover
These sneakers are made in a hybrid design of basketball shoes and soccer shoes and are easy to wear due to the high heel cups. They can make your legs look longer with thick soles too! Available in 2 colors, orange and black, and also available in a wide range of unisex sizes. Wearing them together with your lover may be a fun way to enjoy them.

¥35,000 each (Alexander Wang)

Alexander Wang

photography by TOYOAKI MASUDA


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