Infusing the sea breeze of Ibiza into the street!


A capsule collection from Loewe

A resort mode style for SENSE men
A capsule collection from Loewe and Ibiza’s legendary boutique Paula’s Ibiza created a huge sensation last year. That first edition catered mainly to women, but this year with the second edition, it released plenty for the men’s collection as well. The men’s collection is dressed with a kitsch and loose ambiance unique to the current Loewe and is even more relaxed and rather naughty than the main collection. They are made to be real clothes exuding an intense presence that stands out even in the street, where personality counts.
What we would like to point out this time is a sweat hoodie and swim pants. The retro graphics made from Paula’s archive prints are best suited for open and summery feelings. When swim trunks are in such cool designs, you will want to use them every day, not just by the beach or in a pool. Don’t miss the elegant capsule collection that injects an effortless resort style into a hot and stifling urban summer.

Redesigning a retro ambiance from the archives
Paula’s Ibiza is a small boutique shop that gained cult-like popularity from the 1980s to the 90s, enjoying frequent visits from creators and rock ‘n’ roll stars from all over the world. Co-founder of Paula’s Ibiza, Armin Heinemann, provided original archive prints. The designs created from the prints are used not only in apparel items such as sweatshirts, swim pants, and denim, but also in various other products such as bags, shoes, and towels.

Hoodie ¥90,000; Swim pants ¥60,000; from Loewe (Loewe Japan Customer Service).

BRAND : Loewe

photography by SATOSHI KURONUMA (aosora)
hair & make-up by YUTAKA KODASHIRO (mod’s hair)
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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