Once again introducing skull designs that will inevitably sell out


Collaboration sneakers from “Mastermind Japan” x “Converse Addict”

This collaboration will captivate fashion freaks and make them drool
I am sure it is still fresh in your memory that “Converse All Star” marked its 100th anniversary last year since it first went on sale, and many collaboration models were released to celebrate the occasion. Mastermind Japan, a brand linked closely with SENSE, without exception, released 2 collaboration items then and created a legend as the shoes sold out instantly. This time, we are introducing to you before anyone else the steaming-hot latest collaboration products succeeding the previous generation, on sale Saturday, May 19.
Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of Mastermind’s original products is superb, but this item is packed with the brand’s senses that were sharpened through launching many collaboration products. The soul of Mastermind was injected into Converse Addict, attracting fashion conscious people, who in other words can literally be called fashion addicts. They will undoubtedly sell out as soon as they go on sale, so make sure to check out Mastermind Tokyo in the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

The pair packed with the essence of addicts
Just like previous “Converse Addict”, the new collaboration pair follows silhouettes and designs reminiscent of vintage shoes, such as insoles, stitches, and heel labels as seen in the 70s Jack Purcell, and at the same time, is infused with the spice of Mastermind.


photography by TOYOAKI MASUDA