Still a secret to everyone but our readers…


New sneakers from Y-3

To thank you for all your support, we are jumping the gun in a big way!
The magazine SENSE always aims to create new values by overturning common sense. In other words, SENSE is an aloof rebellious magazine, advocating rock ’n’ roll men. That being said, we may have gone too far this time, because the information about these sneakers was supposed to be announced way later! Haha. Usually, magazines would come to the brand’s shows and compete with each other to get the first release of the information. But this time, before the collection show? and this much information? That’s right. But oh well, we already published it. (Embarrassed).
So, this time is one of the biggest exceptions among all exceptions. All of them will be on sale Friday, June 15, so there is still quite some time until then, but we went through negotiation after negotiation to be able to introduce them as a special case to our readers, so you’ll have time to consider which ones to get! A fierce battle was fought every season to get popular sizes for trending models, so if you like certain models, it is recommended to make sure to inquire about them. We want you to get what you want somehow. Because once you wear the latest sneakers from them, you are invincible in the street.

An eternal icon fitted with modern expressions
The newest model in this series is characterized with shell toes reminiscent of Adidas’ dateless masterpiece “Superstar”. Wider stitches inspired by needlework are sewn on the side and heels to add a modern accent. ¥48,000 (Adidas Fashion Group Showroom).

Fordable flexibility is on another level
This new model introduced for the first time is called “Ekika”. There is no core material between wavy soles, and this combined with meshed upper parts realized flexibility as if the space around your feet were liquefied. You’ll no doubt get hooked once you put your feet in them. ¥35,000 (Adidas Fashion Group Showroom).

Introducing a long-awaited black color for the popular model
A slip-on type of “Suberou” boasted great popularity in the spring/summer season. The new model adds three stripes on the upper design. The dynamic forward-bent shape implies the speed of running through and surviving in an urban city. ¥45,000 (Adidas Fashion Group Showroom).

Are white sneakers the winner of the fall/winter trend?
This is a new color of “Kusari”, another hit shoe from the spring/summer season. The spring/summer collection was decorated vividly in red and blue colors, but many sneakers of the fall/winter season are monotone, indicating an image of a manly and stoic guy. ¥50,000 (Adidas Fashion Group Showroom).


photography by TOYOAKI MASUDA
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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