Finally introducing the Super SUV that’s drawn so much attention this year!



There was no confusion: it is nothing but a fighting bull!
What attracts us the most to the Lamborghini brand is the fact that their vehicles are high-performance cars that thrill the riders emotionally. But they can only reach that special domain by ignoring to a certain extent that the cars are utilities. Then, is it possible for Lamborghini to keep its uniqueness in SUVs, which are most characterized by their utilities? My concerns that I’ve had ever since the announcement of Urus were completely wiped out as soon as I saw the actual car in front of my eyes.

Q1 Urus finally made an appearance in front of us. It is, no doubt, absolutely a Lamborghini SUV, isn’t it?

A1 A long time has passed since the announcement of this car, and during that time, many high-performance SUVs made their debut. I am sure everyone was curious and paid a lot of attention to see what kind of car Urus would be. This is no doubt exactly what we expected. Rather, I should say that this car went way beyond our expectations. First, the design killed me. It is definitely a Lamborghini car, and certainly an SUV. The balance is just perfect, and the specs are quite overwhelming as well. I want to drive this now!!

Q2 Lamborghini doubled their sales in the last 10 years and grew rapidly. Can you briefly explain the reason behind this?

A2 I believe the current supporters of Lamborghini are young users in a new market. Rather than taking history or tradition into consideration, they would look at cars with an un-swayed perspective to figure out this question: “What is the coolest car now?” That’s why an easy-to-understand yet original design of the mid-ship gull-wing door and the brand’s rebellious ambiance resonated with them well. On top of that, the rider can obviously feel a high degree of perfection once inside the car. It is completely understandable that many people would rush to get this car.

Q3 How do you think the introduction of Urus will affect the changes in the luxury SUV market?

A3 The market is expanding rapidly, so I think many SUV’s high-end models with different characteristics will come out one after another with a variety ranging from extreme luxury such as Bentayga from Bentley to an extreme sports vehicle like Urus. I personally would like to see a convertible SUV from this class. I think that would be the most extreme idea from a luxury car.

Q4 Honestly speaking, what brand do you think is most desperate right now?

A4 I think it’s got to be the Italian brand with a jumping horse symbol! Rumor has it that they finally began developing SUVs, which they had stubbornly refused to do for a long time, so it’s something to look forward to. My personal take is that a Ferrari should not have 4 doors, but including that, it’s something to observe. I’m also interested in Porsche in the same Volkswagen Group. At the press conference the other day, when asked about Urus, the CEO of Porsche mentioned that they are planning a surprise, so I believe there is something great planned on their side!

How is the first-ever turbo engine loaded on Lamborghini?
A super sports car in general shows off its full potential of magic at high rpm, but what’s needed for an SUV is high torque at low rpm. Despite weighing over 2,000kg, Urus realized extraordinary acceleration, going from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.6 seconds. At the same time, the precisely built SUV made it possible to have high torque performance as well. In other words, this car is armed with both the uniqueness of Lamborghini and a new weapon. The expression that it “reached the level of a super SUV” is not a lie at all.

Location of handle: left and right Seating capacity: 4 to 5
Length: 5,112mm, Width: 2,181mm, Height: 1,638mm
Curb weight: 2,200kg
Engine: 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo
Displacement: 3,996cc Transmission:
Drive system: Four-wheel drive Max. power: 478kW (650ps) / 6,000rpm
Max. torque: 850Nm / 2,250〜4,500rpm
¥28,161,788 (including tax)

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