A luxury convertible that brings out the driver’s personality


E 200 Cabriolet Sports

The special sense of openness is irreplaceable by anything else
What appeals to me the most about this car is a supreme sense of openness and an elegant streaming bodyline only made possible when a convertible model has its roof open. The driver and passengers can get the benefit of an open roof even in a cold season because warm air coming from headrests’ pockets, called the Airscarf, warms the riders’ necks while the Aircap diverts vertical air flow. I, Kitahara, had no problem even in mid-winter! Haha. It’s rather comfortable to drive it in the crisp air. On top of that, it only takes about 20 seconds to open and close the soft top.

Q1 Let me ask you this question first. If a conservative woman were driving this car, wouldn’t she appear overwhelmingly attractive? Haha.

A1 Haha! That is so true. A woman who would look good in this car may be the one in a conservative style. But when I think about the reasons behind that, I think, of course, for one thing, because the vehicle itself is genuinely beautiful, and the power of the brand with the three-pointed star is strong. On the other hand, this car has just the right balance of persistence and retreat, which makes it a great character nailing exquisite points. Don’t you think? It’s very beautiful but does not show it off and takes the back seat to make the driver stand out beautifully. It feels like that to me.

Q2 Open cars (convertibles) are in various ways luxurious. The specs are one thing, and the driver’s mood is another point that adds to the luxurious feel.

A2 This car is equipped with two functions: the Aircap and the Airscarf. The Aircap significantly reduces interior turbulence using a deflector on top of the front window and a draft stop located behind the backseats. With the Airscarf, warm air comes out from each headrest to warm a rider’s neck when the temperature is low. With these two functions, riders can fully and comfortably enjoy open-air motoring in E-Class convertibles. You’ll never face a situation where the mood is perfect but your passengers are uncomfortable because it’s pretty cold. With this vehicle, you can enjoy good things about an open car and forget the rest. This convertible is purely luxurious.

Q3 The biggest characteristic is that this is a 4-seater open car. People tend to be worried about the convertible’s rigidity, but Mercedes is built really sturdily, right?

A3 I’ve never had an experience where I felt this car is not sturdy enough. I was impressed not just with the comfort of riding but also with the easiness of handling. It must be difficult to build a sturdy 4-seater convertible with its wide opening, but it’s Mercedes: they’ve done it many times. When the car drives so well, people will think, “Why don’t we buy the one where we can open the roof?”, right?

Q4 In the future, will cars be polarized into a digital direction combined with electricity and autonomous driving or into an emotional course like this?

A4 Revolutions of cars as tools and machines will never stop, but it won’t be as satisfying for us because we think cars are not just a convenient and comfortable way of transport. For E-Class convertibles, a single car is packed with both a presence that can sway people’s emotions and cutting-edge driving support technologies that allow the car to automatically change lanes on the highway. In short, digitalization is making the emotional aspects stand out more. Isn’t it impressive to think that the brand that made the first car created this convertible?

Ravishing styling is the pure luxury
The round and elegant shape can even be called a beautiful look on one’s back. Adding to the elegant mood is color coordination between the macchiato beige leather seats, the yacht blue interior, and dark brown soft top. With the back seats’ legroom being wider than the previous models, 4 adults can easily sit in this car comfortably. It goes without saying that driving support equipment is fully satisfactory.

MERCEDES-BENZ E 200 Cabriolet Sports
Location of handle: Right Seating capacity: 4
Length: 4,855mm, Width: 1,860mm, Height: 1,430mm
Curb weight: 1,840kg
Engine: Turbocharged DOHC 4-Cyl.
Displacement: 1,991cc Transmission: 9-speed automatic transmission
Drive system: Rear-wheel drive Max. power:135kW (184ps)/ 5,500rpm
Max. torque: 300Nm / 1,200〜4,000rpm
¥8,040,000 (including tax)

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