Special interview with Sebastien Meunier

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a solitary brand that owns the one and only aesthetic sense in the mode genre. This time, a capsule collection from their 2018 spring/summer collection will be released only in Japan and sold on the Black Sense Market. So, we are taking this extraordinary occasion to feature a special interview we had with the brand’s artistic director, Sebastien Meunier, along with introducing precious items only available in selected stores.

---When did you start working for Ann Demeulemeester and how did you become the Artistic Director for Ann Demeulemeester?

I started in 2010, after working for Margiela Men`s collection for 10 years.
I was invited to Ann`s house, I was still a designer for Margiela but we had a great conversation about Men`s line. After 10 years in Margiela, it was the right time to move on and it was a great opportunity to try something new. Had a great conversation with Ann, and her husband. For me it was very interesting and very spiritual.

---How do your feel about becoming a new Artistic Director for Ann Demeulemeester?

Being an Artistic Director means giving all of my passion into my design.
You have to be deeply involved and I put all my life into it.
Although it`s very time consuming, I don’t feel too heavy about putting my time into it.
I have to put my spirit and understand , chose the right product because at the end, I want people to wear and love my garment. That`s the most beautiful part about becoming a designer. That`s the most important part and I have to be more deeply involved and I have to feel well.

---What kind of hobby do you have? Favorite music, town, culture, etc.

I own 3 vintage cars. One is black Rolls-Royce from the 80`s, light blue Jaguar from 70`s which is a same age as me. ONE MORE???
What I like about that is, I like how it`s done. It`s same as creating a garment. Everything is done in high-end, high quality, great fabric. Smell of the leather, overall quality is very spiritual and very charming.
I also go to art gallery. I like to see their performance.
I like a lot of photography. It tells stories. I think it`s better than movies, since movies only tell nice story but picture tells more. You can feel many things and each of them has its own style.

---Any kind of brand that you keeping a close watch on? (inspires you)

I have so many brands that I`m interested in. Comme des Garcons, it has the base that I like, I like the creativity, specific story / spirit.

---How do you feel about Japan fashion and culture?

That`s a hard question. I have been to Japan for more than 20 times. I went to Japan for the first time, about 20 years ago when I was a fashion student.
My first important travel was when I was invited and presented my first collection in Japan showroom in Kobe. It was an incredible travel, I was young. I have good memory because I also visited Kyoto and Osaka. We also worked on kimono? Very traditional, I seen the whole process, very high quality fabric.
I have a very big passion in Japan. After my first travel to Japan, I re-visited almost every year. I love the tradition and energy of Japan.

---Visited privately?

3 times but mostly work. I did a lot of research while I was in Margiela, researched vintage shop, market to find old garments, I find a lot of things in Japan.
But I remember I always have hard time when I`m at big station in Japan.

---Japan is very trend, consuming always looking for something new and with Ann being very tradition brand, what kind of strategy do you have in mind to market Ann in Japan?

Very difficult question. Market is so fast. We have a spirit that we have to keep and when we tell a story we need to be well understand
Sometime we do small capsule for Japan and we don’t usually do to anywhere outside of Europe. We need to a lot of research, a lot of investment, it would take time.


The French designer Sebastien Meunier was named Artistic Director of Ann Demeulemeester in 2013, having designed the men’s collection in-house since 2010. Hailing from Versailles, Meunier abandoned the study of law for fashion and founded his eponymous label, however an early affinity with Belgian design led to a decade at the right hand of Martin Margiela. His work fuses a seductive awareness of the body with moments of baroque finery and a raw touch. Today Meunier’s vision evolves the house of Ann Demeulemeester into the future with an intimate respect for its illustrious past.

Check out the Black Sense Market for Ann Demeulemeester’s 2018 spring/summer capsule collection, only released in Japan.

BRAND : Ann Demeulemeester