Street beyond genres


A project that resonates with culture and sound begins!

When one wears a piece of art, it is called wearable art. A new limited collaboration is born from Bally and artist SHOK-1, produced by music producer Swizz Beatz, and it has turned out to be one of the most street collections in Bally’s history. Keep reading for the full story.

The power of street art makes you more attractive

Music producer and entrepreneur Swizz Beatz chose British street art frontrunner SHOK-1 for this limited collaboration. Beatz, who knows SHOK-1’s artwork very well, focused particularly on his famous X-ray art. With help from Bally, his X-ray art was designed and printed onto bags, sneakers, and more in a bold and iconic expression.

Blouson ¥73,000; Pants ¥56,000; Bag ¥105,000. All from Bally (Bally Ginza store).

Expectation and prospect for art seen in this collaboration

This limited collaborative collection launched on Wednesday, October 10. Bally has been deeply involved with artists’ creative works and plans to continue projects to provide a place where artists can create. Recent fashion trends have shifted toward street. We are very curious to see how the close relationship between Bally and art affects the fashion scene.

Sweatshirt ¥56,000; Pants ¥40,000; Backpack ¥200,000. All from Bally (Bally Ginza store).

photography by JUNJI HIROSE (model), TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
hair & make-up by MAKOTO ( juice) text by MASAFUMI YASUOKA