Simple shoes with a substantial presence that cannot be emulated


There are no words to describe these shoes but luxury

People may be hesitant to spend a large sum of money on sneakers because they are often considered as consumer durables to be thrown away after being worn out. All they can do is to try to convince themselves that the great comfort they get from the shoes compensates for how expensive they are. But these shoes should be considered to be in a different dimension by fashionistas. The eminent aura surrounding these sneakers, completely separated from stingy talks of the price, makes you forget how much they really are.
As you can see, these are new slip-on shoes released by Chrome Hearts. Everything is pure luxury, from quality leather to uncompromising details. Of course, we know that they are sneakers that won’t last forever, but a fashion victim cannot suppress the urge to own them even when he fully understands the volatile aspect. Imagine yourself in the super luxurious slip-ons, and you cannot find a reason not to get them.

¥157,000 from Chrome Hearts Tokyo.


photography by EIICHI OKUYAMA


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