A regular street style becomes a mature style with these accessories


These masterpieces have become everyone’s regular favorites

Sympathy of Soul has been steadily rising in popularity and in its capability to attract many celebrities and influencers. Every time they come out with new releases, SENSE has largely featured their iconic accessories including cross necklaces and feathers. Gold jewelry especially from this brand is in high quality and made in great designs, boosting great presence in the streets. But what’s supporting the foundation of Sympathy of Soul is these horseshoe masterpieces.
Because these popular masterpieces are everyone’s regular favorites, and we have been mainly focusing on new releases, this is the first time for us to introduce them in this extravagant way. But we felt a need to remind our readers about the strength and attractiveness of Sympathy of Soul, and that is exactly why we chose to feature them this time. It is hard to find designs that are highly fashionable and sophisticated at the same time, but with Sympathy of Soul, even a large piece of jewelry matches naturally into a mode fashion without looking clumsy. Try wearing one, and you will know how attractive they are.

Clockwise from the top: Ring ¥340,000〜; Pendant ¥350,000; Chain ¥65,000; Pendant ¥120,000; Chain ¥65,000; Pendant ¥88,000; Chain ¥65,000; Ring ¥643,000 *All decorated with diamond and 18K yellow gold *The price of a chain is a set price with a pendant. From S.O.S fp.


photography by SHINMEI (SEPT)
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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