Your sexiness stands out with these shoes best suited for night outings

Gianvito Rossi

An outfit for a good night on the town is completed by cool shoes

A SENSE reader who got his tastes off the streets would, without hesitation, wear his favorite sneakers to go out for a night on the town. That is definitely not a mistake, but a street guy would look different and cooler when armed with an unusual choice of leather shoes. In fact, when hip-hop artists dress up in a tuxedo for an official setting, they pay most attention to what to wear on the feet. Just like choosing sneakers, choosing the right footwear is most important in your overall fashion. It’s best to select a design that is dressy, sexy, and elegant at the same time.
That is why we are introducing to you these slip-ons. The minimal design without excessive decoration is perfect for a dressy ambiance. The longhaired suede is sexy like velvet, while the vivid color catches everyone’s attention. A stylish man is always well dressed around his feet.
Gianvito Rossi, a top shoe brand in Italy, is renowned for its elegant design and luxurious interpretation. Sneakers are popular for this brand, but we want to introduce the dressy slip-ons this time. Matching vivid slip-ons to your everyday dark-colored outfit will top off the overall look to the styling for a great night on the town.

Shoes ¥100,000 from Gianvito Rossi (Gianvito Rossi Isetan Shinjuku); Pants \69,000 from Neil Barrett (Neil Barrett GINZA SIX). Other items are personal belongings.

A great color variation is available including blue slip-ons worn by the model. Yes, they all look tempting but choose your theme color, the color you like the best, and match other items around it.

BRAND : Gianvito Rossi

photography by TEPPEI HOSHIDA (model), TOYOAKI MASUDA (still)
styling by AKIYA OTA (Balance)
edit & text by SHINGO SANO


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