SENSE CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “SENSE”) understands the importance of personal information acquired via SENSE’s website and observes laws and related regulations, etc. about the protection of personal information to realize appropriate collection and safe management of personal information. SENSE handles such information in the following policies.
Collection and protection of personal information
SENSE collects personal information by appropriate and fair methods. SENSE makes efforts to prevent leakage, loss, and unauthorized access to all personal information provided from customers by installing proper protection and safety measures. SENSE is responsible for managing personal information acquired, and in case of a problem occurring, SENSE will quickly respond to the situations.
Use of personal information
SENSE uses personal information properly within the scope necessary to achieve the use for the following purposes. In the case of using personal information outside of the purposes listed below, we will do so by getting agreements from the customers. To confirm or deliver orders of online products, giveaway products applied by customers, etc. To provide newest information including direct mail, etc. To publish research findings after collecting statistically processed personal information where an individual cannot be identified. To report results, etc. of events, seminars, etc. to the participants To notify job seekers who are interested in SENSE employment information.
Providing personal information to a third party
SENSE will never provide or disclose personal information provided through our website to a third party outside of the customers and SENSE except for the following cases. When customers pre-approve such actions. To disclose it as statistical data where an individual cannot be identified. To verify legitimacy of customers’ bank accounts, etc. with financial institutions, etc. upon payment procedures associated with orders of products. When disclosure is requested by financial institutions in accordance with laws and regulations.
Procedures of disclosure request, etc.
SENSE will respond to disclosure requests, etc. requested by customers or his or her attorney-in-fact in the following manners.
1. Items of personal data possessed by SENSE subject to procedures such as disclosure request
Name, address, phone number, affiliation (place of work, club name, etc.), email address, etc.
2. To place a disclosure request
If you would like to place a disclosure request, please send a request form with necessary documents attached to the following address via posted mail. Please write in red on the envelope “Documents for disclosure request for personal information”. To: SENSE CO., LTD Asano Building 2F, 8-5 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062
3. Documents to submit with the request
(1)Disclosure request for personal information (when requesting disclosure) (2)Request for correction, addition, and removal of personal information (when requesting correction, addition, and removal) (3)Documents for identity verification (1 copy of driver’s license, passport, etc.) (4)Power of attorney (when requesting via attorney-in-fact) (5)Document to prove authority of appointing attorney-in-fact (certificate of seal, etc. as needed)
4. Fee
Information to be disclosed Unit Fee (including sales tax) Name, address, phone number, affiliation (place of work, job title, etc.). To request information described on the left: ¥1,000 To request email address: ¥1,000 To request items from the rest of information: ¥500 each
5. Reply
We will answer your requests in writing without delay by sending answers to the address you specify.
6. Purpose of use of personal information acquired in relation to procedures of disclosure request, etc.
Personal information acquired by SENSE for procedures of disclosure request, etc. will be used to investigate the request, to confirm the identity of the requester and his or her attorney-in-fact, to collect fee, and to answer the disclosure request.
7. Handling of personal information in case of no disclosure
Please note that we will not disclose information in the following cases. The requesters will be notified with reasons of non-disclosure. Please note that the specified fee will be collected in case of non-disclosure. (1)When we cannot confirm the identity of the requester (2)When we cannot confirm of power of attorney in case of request via attorney-in-fact (3)When specified documents are not completed (4)When payment is not made within a specified time period (5)When information requested by procedures of disclosure request, etc. is not within personal information held by SENSE (6)When disclosure may harm life, body, property, and other rights and interests of the requester or the third party (7)When disclosure may substantially interfere with proper execution of SENSE business (8)When disclosure violates other laws and regulations
Commission of personal information
When SENSE commissions all or part of handling of personal information to a third party, SENSE conducts rigorous research on the third party and gives necessary and appropriate supervision to the third party, so the commissioned personal information is managed safely.
About Cookies
Cookies are used on our website for the purpose of providing efficient use for customers. Cookies are text data sent to customers’ browsers from our web server and saved as files on customers’ computers. The purpose of the use of cookies is to provide services efficiently to repeat customers by having our website read customers’ saved cookies. By using cookies, customers do not need to enter the same information repeatedly, which helps customers’ time and work SENSE employs a third party’s measurement systems on its official website to collect IP addresses, etc. from customers, to be used to manage the website and to measure access status. Some advertisements appearing on the SENSE website use advertising distribution servers through a third party. Non-disclosure agreements were concluded with the third party companies, and personal information is managed on the same level as SENSE. Cookies from the third party will be used for the following purposes. To distribute advertisement efficiently To assess effectiveness of advertising To measure access status Customers can opt out from cookies or delete saved cookies in browser settings on their computers. This will not interfere with browsing the SENSE website, but the same advertisements may appear on screen repeatedly.
About SSL
SSL is available on our website to protect customers’ personal information. With this, personal information submitted by customers such as name, address, phone number, etc. is automatically encrypted to send and receive. However, if browsers that cannot read SSL are used, access to our website may be denied.
Revision of privacy policy
The content of SENSE’s privacy policy may be revised in parts to respond to changes of SENSE’s business, revisions of laws, regulations, and other rules. When there are important changes to customers upon revision, an announcement will be made in advance on our website.
Contact for inquiries about personal information
Please contact us below for inquiries about how SENSE handles personal information. SENSE CO., LTD Asano Building 2F, 8-5 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062 MAIL: OFFICIAL@SUPERSENS.JP